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All Consumers and Students are treated with respect, courtesy, and dignity at all times without exception.
The focus is on skill acquisition, positive reinforcement, teaching and facilitating success and independence for consumers and students.
The rate and severity of behaviors that are dangerous, socially inappropriate or interfere with learning and participation in a meaningful life are addressed by using positive strategies only.
We collaborate with caregivers, parents, service coordinators, school district personnel and family members to provide the most productive, rewarding and individualized service plans possible for each consumer and student.
We maintain a well qualified, well trained, well supported staff who focus on the interest of consumers and students at all times.
We only utilize teaching methodologies, behavior management practices and structure that is consistent with peer reviewed research.
We work diligently to educate the community about autism and the strengths and contributions of those diagnosed within the spectrum.

Opportunity Acres Values....

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