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Their Days are Productive, Rewarding, Engaging,

Structured, and Full of Choice

The purpose of this program is to provide these very special and unique consumers with a day program that is an environment where they can truly explore their interests, strengths, gifts and talents. The driving philosophy for a program such as this is to provide individuals with autism the luxury of choosing their work, choosing their recreation and engaging in activities that are fulfilling and meaningful for them. Though the days are highly structured and lack of participation is not an option, adults are given several work and recreational choices daily. Individuals who engage in rewarding instructional activities rarely have behavior problems and maintain consistent attendance. Decreased behavior problems and fulfilling activities lead to greater independence and overall success for the individuals.

Day Program for Adults with Autism

We are licensed for 40 consumers. Please contact your regional center service coordinator for more information. Parents and Caregivers of adults eligible for the program may schedule a tour by calling Nicole Reed at 530-672-9462. We welcome you to come see what we are creating for our team members. 
The ranch provides a better quality of life, meaningful work, social opportunities, community integration and the opportunity for our team members to make choices for themselves. Team members learn a variety of ranching, independent living, construction and other job skills that can be generalized to multiple settings. 
Opportunity Acres Hours:
Opportunity Acres operates 215 days per year, Monday-Friday 8:30am - 2:30pm
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